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With the release of my new book, High Fiber Keto just around the corner (February 25th!) my passion for the keto lifestyle has been reignited. You may have noticed we are devoting a lot of time on this channel to themes related to metabolism and the keto diet and many keto-related subjects that are featured prominently in the new book… and we’re not stopping here. Keto has always been a big part of this channel and an even bigger part of my life, so expect to see much, much more in upcoming videos.
In the following video blog I decided to go back to basics. Now don’t be mistaken, that is not to say this video is directed at audiences who know very little, to nothing, about keto. Although if that is you, this video will hopefully answer a lot of your questions and get you started on your own journey. But I also feel that those of us who are more experienced in keto, regardless of your level, can always benefit from going back to basics and reminding ourselves of the fundamentals of this way of life, as over time it’s very easy to forget certain things, and people often plateau or simply don’t see the results they should as a result of unknowingly making small mistakes and not experiencing the full wealth of benefits the keto lifestyle has to offer.

As always, thank you for watching, and be sure to ask any questions you may have in the comments section below. I love to hear about others’ experiences with keto and your testimonials, and of course this channel is dedicated to sharing as much information with you the viewer, as possible, so if you have questions or need help or advice, please ask away. I love your comments and I love to be able to assist in your keto journey in any way that I can.
Please be sure to subscribe if you like this content and be sure to go back and take a look at the vast collection of videos we have on keto, including recipes, informational and educational videos and so much more. With the release of High Fiber Keto we also have a lot of very exciting and informative videos coming up that you do not want to miss. So subscribe, click the little notification bell to get instant alerts, and as always, thank you for watching.

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We will be uploading at least 3 videos every week on themes related to nutrition, beauty, exercise, wellness and self care, functional foods and nutrients, travel and learning about how different cultures eat and discovering the secrets of longevity. We’ll be uploading how to’s, tips and lists, recipes, live Q&A’s, travel videos, and lots of exciting (and educational content). We will be going off the beaten path in search of new and exciting ideas to help you enjoy a more vibrant and fulfilling life, and a better you. So join me in this adventure. Subscribe, leave feedback and comments, if you like the video hit the like button, your feedback is very important to me.

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