I TRIED THE VEGAN KETO DIET FOR 1 WEEK | IBS & Bloating | Journey To Health

I tried the vegan keto diet for 1 week in an attempt to cure my IBS and bloating. This is the start of me going on a little journey to health, i’ve been struggling a lot with digestive issues for years and heard the Keto diet is really helpful in easing symptoms… so I gave it a go!

I hope you found this video helpful, as I said in the video I don’t think this diet is for everyone it’s just something i’m trying myself and honestly, i’ve never felt better. I wanted to be 100% transparent with you guys and share my journey in hopes it may help one of you too.

Have you ever tried the Keto diet? I’d love to know – let me know if you have any tips or vegan meal ideas below! 😀

0:38 Why have I gone Keto?
5:00 My thoughts on Keto
6:34 Experience so far
8:20 What is Ketosis?
11:10 How to know you’re in Ketosis

Documentary – The Magic Pill (on netflix)
Podcasts –

Show Notes


Recipes –

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If you have taken the time to watch my video then thank you so much. If you have any video suggestions please leave them below! 😀

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