वजन घटाने का सबसे आसान तरीका | कीटो आहार | Keto Diet for Weight Loss

This video explains what is Keto Diet and how Keto Diet fits for Indians. It conveys what are the differences between a normal meal and a Keto meal. Also, the video clears if an Indian should opt for a Keto Diet.

What is Keto Diet for weight loss?

A Keto Diet is a low-carb diet where the body produces ketones and it is used as a source of energy. In Keto Diet, glucose is burned to produce ketone bodies.


Normal Meal vs Keto Meal ( Keto diet for weight loss )

Foods in a Normal Meal:

1. Rice, Bread, Pasta, Dosa – Carbs
2. Salads and Yogurt – Carbs
3. Vegetables, Lentils and Non-Veg – Proteins

In a normal meal you intake 70% Carbs + 20% Proteins + 10% Fats

Foods in a Keto Meal:

1. Lamb, Beef, Chicken Wings, Pork, Fatty Fish- Fatty Proteins
2. Vegetables and Salads- Proteins

In a Keto Meal you have 70% Fats + 20% Proteins + 10% Carbs


Advantages of a Keto Diet

-Longer Life
– Anti ageing
-Cure Metabolic Diseases – Cancer, Diabetes


Keto Diet for Indians – Should Indians go for a Keto Diet?

Problems in India for taking up a Keto Diet and Solutions:

1. Electrolyte Keto Powders – Intake Bone Broth to get electrolytes.

2. Source of meat – Pork, Beef, etc are not available in India but you can eat chicken wings or Lamb.

3. Avocados are not available in India and no supplements for potassium. You can eat beet creams.

4. While you are on Keto Diet, you avoid intake of vitamins and proteins. So, take enough supplements.

If you do not execute a Keto Diet properly, you can have side effects such as:

-Heart palpitations
-Muscle cramps
– Low energy

Indians should do a Keto Diet to gain its awesome benefits and this is a diet where you don’t have to compromise with your meals to lose weight or to reduce the number of calories.

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